Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Desktop Searches

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Interested in the different free Desktop Search Tools? Check out PC Magazine's review of 8 of them. Yahoo Desktop Search comes out as the Editor's Choice.

Ask Jeeves Desktop Search 1.7.0Ask Jeeves Rating
blinkx 2.0Blinkx Rating
Copernic Desktop Search 1.2Copernic Rating
Filehand Search 2.1Filehand Rating
Google Desktop SearchGoogle Rating
Hotbot DesktopHotbot Rating
MSN Desktop SearchMSN Rating
Yahoo Desktop SearchYahoo Rating


Bob Obringer said...

Not much to add only to say that I've used Yahoo, MSN and Google. After using Copernic over the last several months, I've made it permanent as I've found it to be significantly superior for my needs.

bonj said...

Do you think it will have the staying power against the more well known competitors or possibly meet the same fate as Lookout Software and simply be acquired by a bigger name?

Bob Obringer said...

Good question. The simple answer would be that Apple has about 2% market share worldwide. As an end user... I LOVE their hardware and software. If Copernic ends up with 2% of the market, I could say the same.

The difference is obviously that Apple tends to be very profitable (even without the iPod) at 2% of the market. Copernic probably can't do that so your point is well taken. Not sure who would buy them at this point as all the potential buyers I can think of already have their own solution.

For now... I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.