Friday, March 11, 2005

Blog Reader

My wife is not the most computer literate, but has looked at my blog occasionally, most often a photoblog dedicated to family photos, and sometimes my main photoblog (avisuallife). She follows some news via the web and I believe this is the article (When blogging gets risky) that she ran across about bloggers getting fired. She read some of Heather B. Armstrong's site,, and is hooked. She loves reading her site. She finds her hilarious. One part that was a bit funny is that she followed a link to look at a picture Heather mentioned and linked to. She noticed it was a moblog (crazyus). She found that was funny as Heather lives in Utah, what would she be doing with a moblog. Why would she have pictures of Missouri? Why not a utblog? Well, needless to say, she now realizes that moblog stands for mobile blog and not Missouri blog. Oh well, she is learning.

She loves to read books, but who knows, she may broaden her reading, adding sites like Anne's, Jessica's, or Denise Howell's, such that I'll have to teach her how to use a reader next to keep up with them.

I'll need to take down my moblog link at some point, since I got rid of my camera phone, it is really of no use.

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