Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Axe is Swinging Once Again

As is normal when the political climate changes from one party to another in State Government there are those that are relieved of their positions, regardless of their quality of work, to be replaced by individuals chosen by the new administration. Just one of the harsh realities of politics.

Another harsh reality is that the state continues to work with a tight budget. A lot of cuts have been made in the past several years. On the personnel side many positions have been eliminated through attrition. I think one can only go that route for so long. The axe began swinging again this week. Some are in positions that one might traditionally expect the potential of being let go because of the administration change and some are not. The difference is these individuals are being let go without the intent of replacing them, thus a cost savings.

Hopefully I am far enough down the ladder and providing enough value that it won't make it to me.

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