Saturday, February 05, 2005

SprintPCS Customer Serviceless


Yes, you read it correct. Customer Serviceless, as in SprintPCS does not have Customer Service. There are to many problems with their Customer Service to mention, but the two main ones are they don't understand the concept of the Customer and they don't understand the concept of service. My wife had a simple question yesterday about a service they offered and was given an answer by customer service. She then went to the local Sprint store to see about adding the service (evening minutes starting at 5pm) that she had asked about. After waiting for 20 minutes for someone to help her, she was told that she was misinformed, she could only get the service in question if she had a local plan. The service is being test marketed and depending on the results it may then be available for other plans. Well, we don't have a local plan and don't want to be that limited. She then spent multiple times on the phone with customer service. What a pain. She was spoken to rudely at which point she asked to talk to a supervisor and they would not let her. She called back in and asked to speak to a supervisor, which took some time for the rep to finally say that they would transfer her, at which point she was disconnected. They had all of her info, they could have called her back and said sorry, did they, no. I had heard about her trials and knew how frustrated she was, so I picked up my phone and dialed Customer Support *2 (Tip: I you want to quickly get to a talking person when it goes into the voice driven part asking you to say your problem, so that it can spout some pre-recorded answer, simply say, "representative", and it will say something, like hold while I connect you.) I stated the issue my wife was having and the results I had were really were no better.

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