Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Another one of those articles

Application Development Trends has another one of those articles, "IBM crosses signals: Domino or Workplace?". It use to be Notes is dead, notes is dead, and now it seems that articles tend to kind of hint that Notes could be dead.

Tell me this, what makes so many run out and state that Lotus Notes/Domino is so likely to die, yet they don't anticipate the same fate for Exchange?

Implementing Active Directory alone was a big one that kept many from moving from 5.5 to 2000, our shop being one of them. One could have probably said Exchange was dead, but as they keep the same name with the new releases the press doesn't seem to make an issue of it.

If the whole IBM Workplace thing was branded a Lotus Notes/Domino Lite product, and if it did eventually take over Notes/Domino, I wonder what the articles would be saying. Would that be much different than the transformations that Exchange has taken and/or talked about taking.

Keeping the name and changing the product has worked well for others. Simply look at the new Ford Mustang. It may take some of the design cues from the original, but it is a totally different car from the original. Some would simply call it progress.

You might even remember when there was talk of changing the Mustang to a front wheel driver (remember when the Probe was talked about as being the Mustang replacement?). The Mustang fans let it be known that they didn't want anything to do with it and look where the Mustang is today.

As more IBM and Lotus software technologies mesh together between the two brands, maybe it is time to bite the bullet and put the IBM label on everything or spin off another name for all of the software to go under. Who knows there might even be some good press come out of it. I can see the headlines now:

"IBM and Lotus Make the Smart Decision to Combine Software Under One Roof!"

"Users Applaud Lotus and IBM's decision to Have Software Share One Name."

"IBM and Lotus Software Strategies Align with New Name."

Of course, you and I both know what we would probably see:

"IBM and Lotus are dead!"


Anonymous said...

In case you missed it, Ed picked up on this after Chris and I caught it... interesting reading...


bonj said...

Thanks Duffbert.

Yes, I did catch that after having posted. I caught up on some reading today. I hadn't read much since everyone went to Lotusphere and had some catching up to do as it seems a lot of people had a lot to post after getting back (and some while there).

A pretty good thread on his post. Not sure about the common reference to airlines in the thread. I would hope most consulting firms treat the customer better than many of the airlines. I don't see how you could possibly have time to watch any tv as much as you read, but on the final episode of "The Amzaing Race" one would have to say that it was an airline (unfairly generalized as is often the case - as an employees actions often reflect on the company) that cost the couple that came in second a million dollars. They asked the American Airlines employee about getting the earliest flight out. They said the earliest flight out of the airport not specific to American Airlines and he told them the American Airlines flight was the earliest one out. The couple behind them came to the airport asking the same question (they may have asked the question at the United desk, I don't remember), but the second couple did end up getting on the United Airlines flight that landed earlier than the American Airlines flight.

I thought about going back to my post and referencing Ed's after having seen it, but didn't get it done.