Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Saved searches

From the Bloglines Newsletter. A neat feature:

Search Into The Future

Today's Topic: Save That Search!

You know how search engines work: enter keywords and you'll get results from today back into the dusty archives of the web. If you want to follow a topic going forward, you've got to return to the search engine and type in your request all over again. Who's got time for that?

Bloglines will search into the future for you.

Bloglines Saved Search feature is a gem that captures a requested search for you and then persistently watches millions of active blog and RSS feeds for new references to that topic. Save your search once, and Bloglines will automatically watch the relevant activity for you. When something new pops up on that topic you're searching for, we'll grab it and present it to you on your My Feeds Page. It's as easy as that.

* Monitor emerging news, medical or technical developments.
* Follow the conversation around your favorite sport.
* Track your company's online reputation.
* Keep an eye on your competition.

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