Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Phil's take on combining positions

Phil Windley, former CIO of Utah, gives his take on bringing the CIO into Administration within Utah. This has recently been done within Missouri.

IT consolidation was a campaign topic. I am not sure how far reaching the IT consolidation plans are, but I would guess they could take it a step further, such that all IT within the different agencies organizationally report back up the chain of command to the State CIO. I believe Phil has commented in the past that it is tough to be the CIO and set direction when you do not have a hold of the purse strings to make things happen or possibly stop other things from happening. Combining the two CIO positions would give the single CIO control over the largest shared resources within the State, possibly giving more leverage in the State CIO capacity and a greater ability to bring about change and set direction.

I guess we will stay tuned and see how things go.

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