Saturday, January 08, 2005

Cruzer Titanium

Cruzer Titanium

Cruzer Titanium

I received a SanDisk Cruzer Titaniuum USB Flash Drive for Christmas. It is cool enough on it's own, simply having 512MB of storage on a little stick that will withstand 2,000 lbs, keeping it from being easily crushed. Connect to a device that supports USB 2.0 and transfers absolutely scream (15MB/sec read and 13MB/sec write speeds). The connector slides back into the body for protecion as well.

What makes this thing that much better is the software that comes with it.

CruzerLock for securing files.

Cruzer PocketCache backup software with snapshot technology.

CruzerSync by DMailer for taking your Outlook with you. Unfortunately it only works with Outlook only. Not Notes, not Groupwise, not Outlook Express, etc.., just the full blown Outlook. Although it is a bit limited as it only supports SMTP addresses in regards to sending from it, it can basically bring everything over from Outlook, including attachments. It can even bring over favorites. I did download newer versions of the software from SanDisk of software that came on the Cruzer. You run the apps right from the device not from your PC. It syncs pretty quickly and works much like Outlook. Even though an e-mail may have come from a corporate account, if the individual has a corresponding SMTP address and you know the address of an SMTP relay (that will allow you to route mail through it) then you can actually reply to the e-mail and send it directly from the device. If not looking to close the recipient probably won't even realize it.

See the brochure.
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