Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Notes/Domino Policies

We rolled out our first policy with 6.52 at the beginning of the month. Simply requiring a password interval change and password length, which I have been trying to get direction on for some time. I asked the person within our CIO's office about it along time ago and did not receive any direction. Those duties were transferred to another individual when they were hired and I have asked him for direction, so that we implemented them as their office wished. A couple of months this individual came to me stating that he was talking to a business manager that stated some of the individuals in his area using Notes had never changed their passwords. Ugh!

I also explained that when the system was rolled out and several times since that it was recommended that individuals change their password and we put up a page on the Intranet walking them through the process as well as e-mail and pointing out the help instructions. He then said, "You mean they have the ability to change it?". Yes, but that doesn't mean that they do.

Anyway, after all of that I finally got a little bit of direction and we have now added a password change interval and password length requirement in line with other systems via policies on Notes/Domino 6.52. So far, so good.

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