Wednesday, December 01, 2004

e-Pro Feeds

e-Pro Logo

I have subscribed to the Lotus Informer, Developer Tips, and Admin Tips on the e-Pro subscription page, and even though I filter them to a folder, I want a feed. I know when things were relaunched there was mention of RSS feeds. Am I overlooking it? Anyone else wanting this feature?


Anonymous said...

It's about *time* you signed up for those! You're missing some quality writing on the Developer Tips newsletter! :-)

On the RSS feeds... no, you're not overlooking them. Libby knows that's a top priority, and the webmasters there are working at it.


bonj said...

Great to hear. Thanks Duffbert!

I would definitely suggest that one take the time to subscribe now and not miss out on the valuable content one can gain and with a Gmail account one can easily afford to keep a large collection of them and filtering them to a respective folder (Informer, Developer Tips, and Admin Tips) makes for a handy enough place to review them at one's leasure. Keep it coming.