Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Of course, the results aren't out yet, but noticed on MSNBC's Election Tick Tock that the Weekly Readers Kid's Poll has been a pretty good indicator in the past (see Weekly Reader Kids Have Accurately
Predicted Presidential Election For 44 Years
). I imagine a lot of the kids are influenced by what they hear around the house, which could easily translate to what the elections might show. I would imagine that could be a tougher call with a close race. Not sure if the parents of the kids that participate are registered voters either. Anyway if the kids in the Weekly Reader Poll are correct, it appears that Bush will be our President for four more years. Hopefully by tomorrow morning we'll know who will be President and if Weekly Reader's kids got it right or wrong this year. I really don't want it to end up dragging out with legal rulings, etc.. for any amount of time.

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