Friday, October 29, 2004


Silktide Sitescore

I saw Ben Poole's post regarding his SiteScore on Silktide and thought I would try it out.

It says I rank #1 on Google when searching for bonj. I already knew that, but there aren't many people looking for bonj, so it's not the same as say being #1 when looking for Lotus or something like that.

Marketing: 8.7
Design: 8.9
Accessibility: 5.6
Experience: 8.5
User rating: No votes (Click here to be taken to a screen to cast your vote)
Overall Summary score for this website. 8.1

I don't actually rank 9.9 as the graphic up above shows. My real score graphic represents the 8.1 and is towards the bottom on the right-hand side.

Right now I rank 401st on the Top SiteScores. As more of you run yours that will probably drop.

Updated: 12-8-04 You won't see it at the bottom right-hand side anymore as I removed it when their site appear to be having some problems. It looks like they are working now, but I am not going to bother adding it back.

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