Thursday, October 21, 2004

Presidential Candidate Technology Agenda

Seeing the article Republican Web Sites Downed by Mystery Outage got me to thinking.

I know there has been discussion about which candidate would be better in respect to Technology.

Maybe seeing what kind of infrastructure they have in place to keep their campaign websites up would give some insight. Hmm, a simultaneous attack on both and and see which site handles it better. May the best man, I mean site, win. Of course, I am only joking. I would not condone taking down a website, nor attacking one, but on a serious note, November 2nd will be here before you know it. Do your part as a United States citizen and get out and VOTE on November 2nd! If you have missed getting registered in time to vote in the national election, go ahead and take the time to register so that you can vote in other elections.

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