Monday, October 04, 2004

I got a comment from Ducky


As comments don't always jump out at one when they glance over a post I figured I would dedicate this post to a comment I received from Ducky.

I made mention in this post on September 24, 2004, that I do not hear much about Chandler anymore.

I also mentioned that I did not see much activity on the status reports site and wondered how it was going.

Here is what Ducky (Kaitlin Duck Sherwood, OSAF community organizer) had to say to that:

We've actually been working hard on Chandler. I'm not sure what you were looking at, but we've got status reports from the first part of 2004 at

I will admit that we weren't particularly good about reporting status for a few months this summer -- we've been struggling with what the best tools and process for consolidating status reports is -- but we now have what we hope will be a more efficient way of reporting. See

So what have we been working on? Lots and lots of infrastructure. It's hard to tell because there hasn't been much that has poked above the surface of the UI. (It's not like a building or a road where you get to watch for months or years as dirt gets moved, beams get put in place, concrete gets poured, facade gets installed.) We now have a cool repository in place, a network architecture (including basic IMAP/SMTP/WebDAV protocol support that allows easy sharing of data between users), tools for managing collections, and some really cool UI infrastructure.

We've also done a lot of work to improve and expand upon various open-source code bases that we depend upon. We've done a lot of work to improve wxWidgets and are working closely with the Twisted team, for example. We've wrapped the Lucene search engine codebase with SWIG to make it play nicely with Python; ditto for EGADS. We're working on a Python package for parsing and generating vCard and vCalendar files.

Are we done yet? No, not hardly. But we aren't dead yet, either. Not hardly.

-- Kaitlin Duck Sherwood, OSAF community organizer

The mistake that I made was going to the Status Reports page and first looking at the IndividualStatusReports, once I noticed that they looked to be out of date, I figured I would take another stab and looked at the SummarizedStatusReports, thus skipping the ComprehensiveWeeklyStatusReports, and getting the impression that not much was happening. Little did I know that if I would have simply clicked on ComprehensiveWeeklyStatusReports as well I would have found the real story.

It may be worthwhile making note of the links that are basically outdated, possibly removing them and/or as you mention the journal snapshots possibly being more efficient for reporting status, linking to them instead.

Thanks Kate/Ducky for setting me straight! Chandler is still moving along!

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