Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Free Office Suite - OpenOffice

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Don't forget if you need an Office Suite at home and can't afford the others (it would work at the office too, but may depend on where you work as to whether or not you are allowed to use it) or if you need something with a few more features than the free suite you got with a computer, OpenOffice is available for free and available for multiple platforms. Just a couple of interesting features: One-click export to PDF and Export to Flash.

Excerpts from features page:

OpenOffice.org 1.1 introduces the one-click PDF export feature that enables you to easily create PDF files without the need for any additional third party software. This feature makes exchanging documents in a standard "read-only" file format a trivial task. The creation of PDF files normally requires relatively expensive third party add-on tools. With OpenOffice.org this feature comes for free.

OpenOffice.org now can export presentations and drawings to the Macromedia Flash format (.swf). Thus, it's now possible to view presentations in a simple web browser that has the Flash plugin installed. Recipients and users of Flash presentations don't have to install a special viewer anymore in order to view a presentation.

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