Thursday, September 16, 2004

Search terms

I decided to follow Ben Langhinrichs (pronounced lang HEN rix), Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, and Rich Schwartz's lead and post some of the search terms that brought people to my site (I did not limit it to Google searches).

I don't get to many hits so it isn't real difficult, but I only went back 5 days as the Free Sitemeter is good for my needs, but kind of a pain when wanting to simply find search terms that got one to your site. It may only go back 5 days anyway.

On my main site "Bonj" here were the terms (Most were single hits. I found it interesting all of the things they hit me for, I guess it goes to show that my posts do follow the subtitle of my site, simply thoughts, ramblings, etc..):

Beck Motorsports 550 Spyder
candidate zero commercial
connected photographer
domino move nt w2k3
domio photos
Installing Domino 6.5.2 on Microsoft Windows Server 2003
lotus notessql ms batch files
lotus sametime alert sounds
maximize screen display undocking
Michigan State Identity Theft
mobitv battery life
notes 5.0.13a
sanyo 8100 , setup
sprint PCS & network settings
teamstudio serial
treo domino everyplace 6.0
Yourware Solutions
zapnotes 6.5
zinio need crack

On my photoblog "A Visual Life" the terms were:

Ford 601 Workmaster - This one is by far the biggest one I get for the site. I didn't know the old tractor was so popular. It is not like someone is trying multiple searches either. They are coming from different search engines (Google being the predominant one) and different domains.

Kitty Joe - Our cat. His name is Joe Kitty, but we interchangeably call him Kitty Joe.

LeCliff - A restaurant we ate at in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last March.

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