Thursday, September 30, 2004

600 two hour feature length films sent in a second

The title of the post refers to a statement made by Pei-Cheng Hu, a postdoctoral researcher at Berkeley, in this article when talking about the 20 terahertz of bandwidth that fiber can provide.

Wow. That is pretty quick. As if you didn't already know, I would say the Security industry will stay busy.

Just mentioning a single positive, just imagine how quickly and easily all of your data could be backed up off site at such speeds, then again the same positive can be turned into a negative. Just think how much damage an individual could inflict in such a short amount of time with such speeds. As you can quickly backup all of your corporate files offsite with such speeds someone else that can get to your data could also have it copied offsite quickly and easily. Much more damage in much less time. Ouch.

Of course, someone has to figure out how to be able to utilize that bandwidth first, so you have time to think of more security strategies.

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