Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Posts have slowed down & Client Upgrades

The posts have slowed down a bit as I have some projects coming to an end and some just kicking off, which is keeping me busy.

It does not appear that Tech Support is going to meet their target of getting all of our Notes Clients upgraded by the 20th either. I contacted them and they said it was going slower than they thought. Basically they aren't devoting any time to it.

I like the fact that the Client Build is showing up nicely once the Clients are upgraded. Our 5.08 Clients don't show anything, but the 6.52 Clients do, which I have found is allowing me to keep tabs on the progress. I created a view with the Name (@Trim(@Subset(LastName;1))+@If(Firstname !="";" , "+@Trim(@Subset(FirstName;1));"")+@If(MiddleInitial !="";" "+@Trim(@Subset(MiddleInitial;1));""), Client Build (ClntBld), Client Date (ClntDate), Machine Name (ClntMachine), and Client OS (ClntPltfrm), having column sorts on the columns makes it kind of nice too. I like the Client Date as this appears to be the date/time of the install, so I can tell that they didn't actually do an install at all last week. As the spurts of installs run in small groups I can pretty well tell that they haven't spent much more than 3 hours total on the installs to this point.

As our Developers have a test and a production machine, it displays multiple entries in each column coordinating across the rows. Cool.

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