Saturday, July 24, 2004

Words that don't go together.

I don't recall seeing it before, but I must admit I had only glanced at the store when they first put it out there. Have you ever heard words and thought they just don't sound quite right together. I was wondering if that might be the case with "Team-TSG" and "Classic Thong".

Team-TSG Classic Thong

(No it's not a joke, click on the image to go to the store.)

Just giving you a bad time Team-TSG (Joe and Duffbert).


Anonymous said...

No worries :-) ...YOU could be the first on your block (in the entire world, for that matter) to own and proudly strut about in a Team-TSG Classic Thong. So far no one has bought one, and frankly I'm stumped! All we ask is that if you DO buy one of the thongs - and actually WEAR it (ewwww!) - please PLEASE do not tell us!

Joe Litton

bonj said...

Believe me there would be no chance of that. The wearing or the telling.

Anonymous said...

Actually, a woman that both Joe and I know said she thought about buying one, but didn't. Her reason... "I'd feel sort of strange having your pictures down there... "