Thursday, July 29, 2004

Radicatti Recommends Yahoo!

Have you seen the latest, Radicati Group Recommends Yahoo! E-Mail Over Gmail. You can see the Article on Messaging Pipeline - some excerpts below. Radicati links to it from their main page as well.

"With storage becoming lesss of a factor"..

Hmm, is lesss even less than less? (I know it is just a typo.)

I guess the inference is that it is less of a factor because other services are bumping up their storage.

Radicati's analysis acknowledges that Gmail represents an important competitive threat to the free e-mail services vendors both because of its innovative search tools and because of the huge, 1,000 MB, free storage allotment given to users. But the company notes that Yahoo! was able to very quickly answer the storage challenge with a 10 MB free offering, as well as a two GB premium offering, before Gmail came out of beta testing.

Wow! Yahoo answers 1,000 MB with 10 MB. I can relate to the logic of how that is a real counter punch. Hey Radicati, all of these nickels I have are bigger than those dimes you have, you want to trade?

Of course, I am just poking fun, this is simply another typo, it should say 100 MB in the article in regards to the free Yahoo account size, but I would seriously say that storage is more of a factor and not less of a factor. If it were less of a factor then why turn around and caution IT managers.
"As free e-mail storage increases, hosted e-mail may become a greater threat to in-house corporate messaging software."

The older free e-mail service also allows users to integrate POP accounts from other servers

I was thinking that was only available in the paid account, but even so, wouldn't that simply be making the case for even more storage as well.

If you would truly be looking at e-mail messaging only, or if available storage is your #1 priority, then I am not sure I agree with the following either. If you are looking for more than just an e-mail messaging environment then possibly.

"With storage becoming lesss of a factor, users should look to other features, such as service performance, added features, and more," said the report, which goes on to report that Yahoo! offers a variety of services that make it a better overall e-mail messaging environment than Gmail. They include a contact manager and calendar program that can synchronize with desktop programs.

Analysts say that Yahoo! users are better off staying where they are, despite some appealing things about Gmail.

Of course, one could also do what many have done and simply add a Gmail account to your collection of other accounts. Invites aren't as hard to come by as they use to be.

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