Friday, July 09, 2004

Orkut. Funny.

Funny, it seems that Orkut is a hot topic once again. At least in the Domino Blogger community.

There are several communities devoted to Lotus. I point out a few of the ones in English below (sorry you'll have to be an Orkut member to see them):

Domino Bloggers - This one, added by Rob McDonagh aka Captain Oblivious, is new and has prompted some of the discussion in the Domino Blogger community

Notes/Domino Professionals

Community for ex-Loti worldwide


Lotus (A community I wish I could truly become a member of.)

Super 7 (Another one that would be cool to be a true member.)

Domino's Pizza (Had to much of this one in college)

I have commented on Orkut in past post and more recently in a 6/22/04 comment about Gmail on Ben's site.

2/6/2004 Post: Social Networking - Online Communities

1/23/2004 Post: Orkut

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