Thursday, July 15, 2004

Lotus Notes Network (LNN)

I posted a comment on Paul Mooney's site in response to his May 26th post, "Lotus Notes Knowledge Base" (You could say I am a bit behind on my reading). He asked about getting the Knowlegebase on CD or if he could replicate it. I think it use to be limited to Business Partners and I believe they still get additional content, but if you do have enterprise/priority support of some sort I think you can connect and replicate the Knowledgebase as well. I do.

As I mention in my comment I do recall that I did have to contact Lotus as the information I found a couple of years or so ago (I can't find what I had) was rather outdated at that time. I think it talked about dial up connectivity throughout and Notes 3 and 4.

I think it would be nice to see this promoted more as I think there would probably be some Notes shops unaware of it that would be happy to have this capability.

Might be a good item for Ed to put on either of his blogs (work/personal) or someone over at e-Pro to put in an e-ProWire. I am not sure which one to limit it to (Dev Tips, Informer, Sys Admin Tips) as I can see it being of benefit to all.

Until that happens here are a couple of links that might help you if you are in pursuit of this capability.

I might also mention that one can replicate the Discussion Forums, Fix List Database, and other Lotus Developer Domain databases. Info on how to do that can be found in the LDD Today article "Viewing the Lotus Developer Domain in its native Notes format."

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