Thursday, June 17, 2004

Updated: Follow-up Missouri Digital Government Summit

Well the CIO had the same opening message and remarks he had last year and the same message he had at the Statewide IT Staff Meeting. The message he spouts is not one that anyone has a hard time understanding. Basically he says that we need to stop being state government such that a person has to know our organizational structure to get anything done. I think most can buy that. If you need to start a business you don't want to have to go to 6 different agencies to get all of your stuff. You need to be able to get it done at one spot. He states that we should be no different than Wal Mart, Target, Amazon, etc.. Everyone doesn't know their organizational structure, they just go to their web site and purchase what they want. Why not allow the citizen to do that with the State. It might at least be nice to highlight the items or steps that have been taken since the last time we heard the speech rather than just hear that we need to do it, throwing in some recommendations on how to do it wouldn't be bad either. The concept keeps getting mentioned in regards to the Internet, but if it is such a good idea, which I believe it is, then why not do it for those that do transactions with the State of Missouri in any form, phone, in person, etc.

In a nutshell the Enterprise Architecture break out presentation said Enterprise Architecture is good.

The next general session talked about collaboration. In a nutshell it said collaboration is good.

I skipped out on the next break out sessions, went back across the street to the office, got some e-mail done and downloaded 6.5.2.

The next breakout session I went to ended up being different than I had expected. I'll post more on that later.

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