Friday, June 18, 2004

Smart Upgrade

Maybe there is something that I am missing. It seems that there would be a lot of enterprises, IBM/Lotus included, that would have a lot of their Windows desktops locked down and not allow those utilizing the desktop the privileges to do installations. In such environments what good is Smart Upgrade? I wonder how IBM/Lotus roles out client upgrades themselves (maybe they use Tivoli???). In talking with IBM/Lotus Support I was told that the individual needed these rights (I also think the alwaysinstallelevated registry setting is similar - I am not sure if there is a direct correlation on this key via setting the permissions or if this is simply another way to basically accomplish the same thing - nonetheless this opens the desktop to installations as well) for the Smart Upgrade feature to work and that Windows can't mess with Notes permissions and Notes can't mess with Windows permissions. Rather than open up permissions on the desktop for the installation, why not have Smart Upgrade utilize the Run as... feature and have the installation pass administrative account info just for the install. Smart Upgrade appears to be a feature that an Enterprise would greatly benefit from. Running against our development machines logged on with accounts that have installation permissions on the local machines this does appear to work well. I can't see convincing our Technical folks that opening up the install permissions to everyone is a good thing.

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