Friday, June 18, 2004

Keynote speaker

Phil Burgess, Ph.D, was the keynote speaker. He gave a fine keynote. He appears to be an interesting character. It was interesting to watch him prior to giving his speech. Here to talk about the digital world. He sat quietly at a round table with some of the other presenters with what looked to be some white sheets of notebook paper and some yellow sheets of notebook paper, no electronic device, no powerpoint slides, etc.. He stacked his pages and kind of rolled them lengthwise as he got up to approach the podium, reached the podium, layed the pages down and began to speak. He did not flip through the pages, he simply spoke until he was done.

One of the things that he said, that many bloggers may want to quickly try to dispute, is if one were to go back in time and bring an individual to the present, the Internet would probably be the item they would be the least impressed with.

I can relate. The first time I watched a video across the Internet and being impressed showed my wife to which she said it was so small and she can already watch much bigger videos on the tv without the choppiness, etc..

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