Friday, June 04, 2004

Interesting - Chat and Awareness for Microsoft Outlook

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Instant Tech has a product called Instant TeamMessenger, which allows one to implement Sametime Chat and Awareness features in Outlook.

If yours is an organization that has already deployed Microsoft Outlook ® as your corporate email system and Lotus Sametime® as your corporate instant messaging infrastructure, you can now leverage your IT investment painlessly and add value to both investments quickly.

Now your e-mail/IM users can dynamically see the on-line status of co-workers from within their Outlook in-box, contacts and calendar. Armed with the knowledge of who is on-line at that moment, users can start a secure chat session to reduce response time and cut to the heart of work in common. Instant TeamMessenger™ adds personal archiving of your chats with other people, no longer do you have that great chat with someone only to close it and lose the valuable conversation you just shared, with Instant TeamMessenger™all your chats are stored for easy retrieval in the Microsoft Outlook Journal folder.

I actually ran across this in the Lotus Software Knowledge Base. Technote # 1165201

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