Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Domino 6.5.2 - Upgrade and Move

Let me start by mentioning once again that I am simply a manager. Okay, get the Dilbert cartoons out of your head. I am not a subject matter expert, so there may be a few things missing here, but for those that are subject matter experts, you'll probably get the gist of what I am trying to say.

We are getting closer to our upgrade and move.

This involves two operating systems, two hardware platforms, two versions of Domino, and two agencies. The operating system we are moving from is OS/390 on the mainframe, the operating system we are moving to is Windows 2003 Server. The hardware platform we are moving from is S/390, the hardware platform we are moving to is Intel (IBM Blade Server). The current Domino version is Domino 5.08, the version we are upgrading to is 6.5.2.

It might be bad enough trying to move from one platform to another, but why not make it interesting and throw in the upgrade at the same time.

We are basically looking at two scenarios. Feel free to share experiences, vote for the one that you think would work best, or throw out other options or suggestions if you are so inclined. Thanks in advance for any responses.

I will start out with a given. The Data Center will not upgrade the S/390 to 6.5.2 first.

Scenario 1 (Our choice):

Load W2K3 and Domino 6.5.2 on new server

Down the 5.08 server

Run the utilities (nfixup, nupdall, ncompact - see Redbook "Upgrading to Lotus Notes and Domino 6" SG24-6889-00) on all .nsf files on the 5.08 server
Get Adobe Reader Logo

Make any server document changes that may be needed on the new 6.5.2 server

Down the new Domino 6.5.2 server

Take Notes.ini file, possibly from W2K Development Server as it is intel platform (get copy of S/390 version for reference) and change any server specific references to the production server name - XXXXXXX

Take all .id files from production 5.08 server to same directory on the new 6.5.2 server

Transfer (OS level copy - ftp files from S/390 environment) all .nsf files from old 5.08 server to new 6.5.2 server

Cross your fingers

Bring the server up - let it upgrade all of the applications

Run utilities again within Domino

Server will have new IP address, so change DNS to reflect the same name with the new IP address. r5.08 clients should still be able to connect.

Have Technology Operations upgrade the desktops around the state on a planned schedule.

Scenario 2 (The Data Center's choice - written as I understand it):

Load W2K3 and Domino 6.5.2 on new server

Bring the 6.5.2 server online in the r5.08 domain with a different server name

Replicate the applications over

The r5.08 server is also the Administration Server of the mail files. The new server will become the Administration Server. This update will happen during processing of the 'Push changes to new mail server' Adminp request.

Shutdown r5.08 and cross our fingers.

Make visits to users desktops (as they are dispersed across the state with limited technical staff, this cannot happen in a timely fashion) or send instructions to the end users explaining how to connect to the new server.

Note: I might mention that even though we are setup for mail we are not utilizing mail. The accounts have been setup to forward e-mail to an individuals respective Exchange account when e-mail is sent by an application. This being said I might mention that we do not have users using multiple Domino/Notes applications. We have a total of three applications and the audience for each is segregated, thus they don't access multiple applications. Individuals are taught to user their respective applications and not truly Notes. Their application has been set as their homepage, so they start Notes and they are in their application. Knowing this we know that there would still be some that are going to have a difficult time following directions to get pointed at the new server and set their application as their homepage. Just one of the reasons we along with our Technical staff like Scenario 1, not to mention that one application has doc links that would have to be changed throughout.


John said...


Not sure if you have proceeded with your upgrade so I'll post my 2 cents just in case...

If I understand correctly you are moving from a OS/390 to a Windows platform. You might consider this approach. (For space consideration a few minor steps have been omitted)

1. Take your 5.08 system offline.
2. Install / setup a new Notes server (ver 6.52 or the, latest 6.54) on your Windows platform.
3. Launch the server and proceed through the setup. When prompted choose the option that allows you to use an EXISTING server ID.
4. Complete the remaining steps as appropriate. It should try to replicate from another server in the same domain. It's OK if it cannot, the files from the 380 should take care of the Domino directory it is trying to replicate.
5. File System copy the existing data directory to the new server. Rename the data directory the install created and replace it with the data copied from the OS/380.
6. Replace the non data files from the 390 with those from the Windows setup. These would be the .NTF, modem, etc. Data files are the .NSF's.
7. Edit the notes.ini that was created as part of the Windows install and remove the value in the "TemplateSetup=" line. This will cause the server to go through and update the Directory design when the server is started.
8. Launch the Windows Domino server. Pay attention to errors and other messages.
9. Perform the data utilities one again on the windows side.

You may wish to perform a "trace servername/x/x" from the server console to be sure it has connectivity to any other servers you have on that domain. Use a client and attempt to connect to the server...

That should take care of your server upgrade... If not and you are in a crunch, the OS/390 setup is still present. One suggestion I have is to try a dry run. Take the files from the 380 and install them as above except before the server is started after the install and before the setup, remove the network cable or disable the NIC. That way the server with the same name as the 380 can be upgrade tested during the day.

When you are comfortable with the steps, perform the actual upgrade.

bonj said...

Thanks John, yes we did. And it went rather well. We have been moved over for a bit over a year and am glad we made the move.

Upgrade Complete Post.