Thursday, June 03, 2004

A decision was made - August 3!

Missouri Supreme Court Building

The Missouri Supreme Court handed down their decision today in regards to when the vote will take place in regards to the constitutional amendment adding the provision that to be valid and recognized in the state a marriage will only be between a man and a woman.

The vote will take place on August 3rd. My understanding on the big debate and the party lines is that it would benefit conservatives (Republicans) if it were combined with the November general election as the topic often brings out more conservatives, meaning more Republican votes, thus a better chance for the Republicans to oust the incumbent Democratic Governor. Hence the opposite is true for the liberals (Democrats), having the gay marriage issue voted on in August would not influence more conservatives to vote in the General election, thus a better chance for the Democrats to keep the coveted office of Governor.

Sometimes politics can be interesting, sometimes it can be frustrating (why can't we still use common sense on some things), and unfortunately it can also get old listening to and watching the little games they can play. Hey, this year they did recognize that English is the common language used in Missouri.

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