Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Sitemeter Logo

I switched counters yesterday. Not a big deal. There isn't much traffic here and only a bit more on my photoblog, but it is interesting to see how many hits it gets. The other counter I was using (Jellycounter) was fine and I think I like the layout of the stats better on it. You get the stats for a 5 day free trial when you sign up for a Jelly Counter, if you want to keep it after that you have to pay. Good job Peder at Jellycounter.

I looked around for a few minutes and went with Sitemeter simply because it is free and has some stats free. It is mentioned on Blogger. Blogger also has stats, but not for the free accounts. Not sure if the loading performance is really any different, but Sitemeter is on this side of the pond (in the US, not in the UK - not that there is anything wrong with the UK), but the counter won't have to keep making the trip.

The stats are kind of nice to see what people were looking for. It would appear that someone from Harvard just found the site by doing a Google search on Bonj. That probably means only one thing, my friend at Harvard found the site again via a Google search. Hi Cathy!!


Anonymous said...

Hey--sorry, just can't be bothered with remembering entire urls--especially when a google for your site is so easy. Yes--I suppose I am nosy--but you never posted the picture of me and Buster, so I have come looking for it occasionally. Plus, I enjoy seeing pictures of you guys, and mid-MO. sciencegirl

bonj said...

Since you insist, I'll put it on the photoblog.