Thursday, June 17, 2004


Downloaded 6.5.2. I would have downloaded it sooner, but hadn't realized that the listing NOTES/DOMINO 6.5.2 ESD ASSY ENGLISH was the one I wanted. I am use to seeing multiple listings like NOTES CLIENT 6.5.2 WIN95/98/2K/NT/XP ENGLISH, NOTES, DESIGNER AND ADMIN CLIENTS 6.5.2 WIN95/98/2K/NT/XP ENGLISH, and DOMINO SERVER 6.5.2 WIN2000/NT/03 ENGLISH. Evidently since the move to the new site, you have to select the Electronic Software Distribution (ESD), then it will take you to the listings I am use to seeing. Anyway, if all goes well and we can get our apps tested, maybe we can deploy 6.5.2. Our blade server is finally in and it is scheduled to get the OS loaded on Tuesday. Getting closer.

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