Friday, May 21, 2004

ID Theft

Bob Sullivan

In "Study: ID theft usually an inside job", Bob Sullivan mentions a report coming out that shows up to 70% of ID theft is usually an inside job. That doesn't surprise me.

The article also has links to other organizations that may be of some help when your identity has been stolen.

You might also see his article, "When ID theft hits: What to do". Some of the info is redundant to the first article.

You might not even realize there are items out there that are at risk such as Ed Brill mentioned his experiences with a sleeping credit card in his April 25th Post and subsequent April 29th Post.

Some links:
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ID Theft Home
Department of Justice (DOJ) Fraud Section
DOJ Identity Theft and Fraud
DOJ Identity Theft Quiz
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse - Identity Theft
Michigan State Identity Theft University-Business Partnership
Identity Theft Resource Center
Missouri's Statute regarding Identity Theft

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