Sunday, May 23, 2004


Hello Logo

So far I only have one complaint about Hello. It may be lack of knowledge of the user, but I don't see a way to post mutliple photos to a blog at once. Of course, one can go back and edit posts and delete extras, but not the ideal way of doing it.

Maybe time to hit the Online Help, Online Support, or Online Forums.


your_waitress said...

hi bonj. i recently created a photoblog here as well. you can do multiple entries in one post as i found out in the hello forums.

first open all pictures that you are wanting to send in one post. then for the captions hit "shift" "\\" (backslash two times) and publish. you should get a message that reads "Your post has been queued, and will be combined with the next post." keep doing this until the last image, add your caption/title and publish. i have been playing around and have gotten up to 17 images in one post, but i usually do two.

good luck with your site.

bonj said...

Thanks. Funny timing on your comment. I noticed it just after reading your comment on Blogger Says Hello to Photoblogging.

BTW. The || worked great. For anyone that may be reading this trying to find an answer, as mentioned, use the Pipe symbol twice after typing the caption for your first item then click Publish and notice the message in the right part of the screen. Continue as needed and leave the symbols off on the last picture to be in the post. As far as I can tell you have to have a caption on each one, but I might mention that a space works fine. I am not sure the limit on this, but I have since seen a post stating that they had tried up to 17 and that worked fine.

Thanks again your waitress and your "little demon" post reminds me of our old cat Alex.