Monday, May 03, 2004

DaimlerChrysler and Domino


In the May 3rd, 2004 Issue of eWeek, see the article entitled, "Taking the road to IT success".

Excerpts of Interest on the Domino/Notes side:

One of the first projects was unifying both companies' e-mail systems. Where is the e-mail system today?

We are 100 percent on one e-mail system today. We use [IBM's] Lotus Notes. We picked it primarily for the groupware function. Before the merger, there were 17 different e-mail systems. We're on Notes 6.0 at this point. We have close to 10,000 different applications on Lotus Notes, from product development to manufacturing to sales and even after-sales.

The print version has a couple of sidebars, "Global XP rollout in progress" and "Chrysler portal eases access".

Excerpts from each:

Establishing IBM's Lotus Notes as a corporate e-mail and groupware standard was a first critical step. Subsequently, "we had a number of different middleware products, and we standardized on [IBM's] WebSphere," said Morotti. Proving, however, that DaimlerChrysler (corrected typo in print version - they had it as DaimlerChrylser) is not in lock step with a single vendor, the company has embraced Microsoft Corp.'s .Net architecture for applications that use Web services.

The DealerConnect portal is a Java-based suite of Web application. PCs running Web browsers access Solaris servers running applications developed under IBM's WebSphere 3.57 running on IBM's DB2 Universal Database.

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