Monday, May 24, 2004

Can you say MS Blogs?

Bill Gates with SmartPhone

Of course, you probably already know that there are a lot of Microsoft employees that blog, such as Robert Scoble (Scobleizer). You can find many at, and Mary Jo Foley has listed many on Microsoft Watch.

There has been question at times if Microsoft is for or against corporate blogging. I would say from this article on BBC News, Gates backs blogs for businesses, that Microsoft is for blogging.

Mr Gates made a point of dwelling on blogs and said that although they started in the technical community and have come to be a broader social phenomenon, businesses can use them too.

They had advantages over more traditional ways of keeping in touch such as e-mail and websites, he said.

E-mail messages could be too imposing or miss out key people who should be included, said Mr Gates.

Websites were a problem too, he added, because they demand that people visit them regularly to find out if anything has changed and require regular updating to avoid going stale.

These problems could be solved, said Mr Gates, by using blogs and Real Simple Syndication (RSS), that lets people know when a favourite journal is updated.

"What blogging and these notifications are about is that you make it very easy to communicate," he said.

"The ultimate idea is that you should get the information you want when you want it."

So what are you saying Bill, don't buy MS Exchange, or IIS, or SharePoint Portal Server???

Hmm, can you say Microsoft SharePoint Blog Server?

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