Friday, April 23, 2004


McAfee Logo

Seems like everything that Network Associates brought together is being taken apart. Recently sold the Magic Help Desk solution to Remedy, a BMC Software company, now selling Sniffer, which will be known as Network General again. And renaming the company from Network Associates to McAfee, Inc. See the press release.

Excerpts from e-mail and press release:

Special Announcement April 22, 2004
Dear Bonj,

Today, Network Associates announced that the Sniffer Technologies division will be acquired by Silver Lake Partners and Texas Pacific Group to create a new independent company called Network General Corporation. This is a very exciting day for Network Associates, our customers and our partners.

Press Release
Network Associates to Change Name to McAfee, Inc.
Reinforcing its image as a leader in security and intrusion prevention, Network Associates will change its name to McAfee, Inc, reflecting a brand that carries awareness and confidence among corporate and consumer customers around the world. The McAfee name and McAfee products have long been associated with best-in-class security solutions. The McAfee Protection-In-Depth strategy allows organizations to optimize business availability with pro-active security solutions that protect against known and unknown threats.

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