Tuesday, April 06, 2004



As Robert Schoble points out in his post regarding Channel 9;

"You'll notice, by the way, that we're pointing to many of the negative things people say about us. Why? Well, for one, that lets you know we are hearing the feedback and participating in the conversation. Two, we're fixing bugs (yes, we shipped with bugs, imagine that!). For instance, we're a bit buggy with Firefox and Mozilla browsers (report bugs at channel9@microsoft.com and we'll fix them). Three, it shows there's movement and that we're human."

Sounds a bit like the show on A&E Television called Airline - We all have our baggage.

AIRLINE showcases the ups and downs of passengers who board Southwest flights at the bustling Los Angeles International (LAX) and Chicago Midway airports, as well as the staff and crew -- from the pilots to the hard-working check-in staff and supervisors who are often on the receiving end of angry customers' wrath. America's fourth largest carrier.

It shows a good number of disgruntled people slamming SouthWest Airlines, but as you watch it you can see that it may play as a good commercial in Southwest's favor, as they are showing their vulnerabilities in some respects, and yet in other ways some can see how ridiculous and irrational some of the passengers are.

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