Monday, March 01, 2004


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Article on about NotesBuddy, "IBM heeds message to integrate IM, e-mail". Notesbuddy has been around for some time (at least 12/10/99), not sure why the timing of the article.

Info from alphaWorks:

Update: October 1, 2003
Version 4.12b contains many small usability updates, including consistent handling of windows for mail list and buddy list, and continues to unify the experience of e-mail, instant messaging, awareness, and directory.

What is NotesBuddy?

NotesBuddy is a lightweight tool for Lotus Notes™ and Internet (POP3) mail that announces important new mail by voice, pager, or display. Instant messaging (chats) and buddy status are integrated with email to produce a single messaging tool. The goal of NotesBuddy is to provide an easy-to-use tool, with interesting presentation and interaction, for message handling and alerts.

You can download Version 4.12b here (you do have to register) and find out more about it here.

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