Thursday, March 11, 2004

Making it difficult

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I have seen this a few times lately. I don't believe that it has been limited to Network Computing either. I read a magazine, such as Network Computing, find an article of interest that I want to pass on to someone else and rather than try to pass on the magazine I will usually go out to the magazines site, find the article online and point it out to someone via an e-mail. Recently I have gone to some sights when doing this and the title of the article in the print version is completely different than the online title, making it more difficult to find.

In the example below it keeps the print title as a subtitle, but the main title is different.

In the 3-4-2004 copy of Network Computing under the Carrying On tagline by David Willis the title is "Let My People Go". The online version which is here, the subtitle is "Let My People Go", but the main title is "Employees, Home Offices and Flexibility". Hmm.

I do agree with the article, that employees that are happy with their jobs and have the right tools are more productive. Unfortunately most don't factor employee happiness into any equations and if they say they are, it is usually based on what they believe will make their employees happy.

I could see many in my group being able to work from home, but it won't be happening as to many in upper management believe that it would be unmanageable, that people wouldn't get work done. Hello! If they don't get the work done, then get rid of them. If an individual can somehow slide by without doing any work at home, then they can probably get away without doing any work while they are at the office too, which sounds like an issue with the management, not totally the employee.

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