Monday, February 09, 2004

Watch It!

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This may be somewhat trivial, but it is an interesting application and if you are on the road a lot it might be nice for passing the time if your phone has enough battery life. What am I ranting about? It is mobitv. It is available from SprintPCS on some of the phones they offer.

See a demo here.

I have a Sanyo 8100. I have done the whole picture thing. You can see many of them here on Textamerica's site.

I have also tried the 1KTV and RealOne thing. They are pretty cool, but they are more like slide shows and the content isn't always as up to date as one would like. This may end up being the next phone app I try. The phone applications from Sprint have a monthly subscription cost, which if subscribing to several apps can run up quickly. I think they try to make it a bit more difficult for you to remove them as you can easily purchase them via the phone or web, but can only unsubscribe via the web.

The following is just a gripe session, so you may want to simply skip it.

Just one more way Sprint tries to nickel and dime you to death. Great phone, great service (at least it has been for me for the most part - I know some would disagree), but the customer service always leaves something to be desired. One of their latest ways of trying to get money out of you is by adding Sprint PCS Voice Command to your account every time you call. They will say they will add three free months of Voice Command to your account to compensate for the hassle of calling in, etc... It doesn't matter that I say no every time. I have still had it show up on my account more than once. Sure the first three months are free, but they expect you to forget about it and then they will start getting another five bucks a month. They did it to me again recently. I called back in and told them to take it off. That didn't happen, but at least it is finally to the point that I can remove it via the web. If you can do it via the web that is my suggestion as it usually works best and you don't have to talk to a clueless rep. The way the sell (rent) games/ringers/screensavers is a rip off too. Another gripe I have is that anytime you would have something changed on your account (adding a service, etc...) via a phone representative you cannot access your online billing, minutes, etc.. until the next billing cycle. Many times if you do the same thing via the web you do not loose the ability to get to your information. Okay, that is enough for now. It is a love - hate relationship as if you couldn't tell.

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