Thursday, February 19, 2004


They make the news a lot and keep getting worse and worse. You see new stories about them almost daily. When will it stop? More people are practicing safe computing, but it makes you wonder when the really big one is going to hit. The one that wipes your machine at home and work, the servers at work, the network, and the Internet. What would we do without it all.

If such a scenario happened would you know how to contact all of the people you currently communicate with? Do you have the information somewhere else outside your computer? Do you even know the full name of everyone you communicate with or are some simply an e-mail address that doesn't tie to their personal identity in any other way? Would the kids give a blank stare when you said to get the phone book or to call information?

Just as in real life the viruses can take some of the fun out of it.

Let's just hope the brilliant minds combating the viruses are better than those creating them.

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