Wednesday, February 11, 2004

TV on the phone


Okay, I am trying the mobitv (around 6am). It is pretty cool. Decent video all things considered (still somewhat of a slideshow like RealOne and 1KTV) and pretty good audio too. Since trying the audio during a busier time of day (9am) there do seem to be more breaks in the audio. It appears that it is not skipping the audio, but taking a bit longer to get it with more skips in the video.

It has an annoying feature though! About every 5 minutes it ask you to press a button to keep playing. I understand not wanting to waste any bandwidth that is not being used, but this is totally annoying. I had it going and turned on the TV, switched through a couple of the channels simultaneously on the phone and the tv. Same content coming across, although the phone feed is roughly 30 seconds behind that on the tv.

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