Thursday, February 26, 2004

Not 100%

I am not 100 percent, but the triple threat prescribed by the doctor has me on the right track. Definitely much better today.

Probably not wise, but after feeling a bit better from the medicine went on to Volleyball last night. Ended up short as two on our team had the time wrong. Last match for the league. The four of us put in a good effort, loosing by no more than three points in the first two games. One of our players showed up with just a few points left in the second game. As we had five (as it was late enough he called our sixth player and said don't bother coming - they both thought we had the next match), we won the last game 25-22. The team we played was the second place team. After loosing the two to them we ended up 26-4 on the season and they were 24-6. Whew!

I've got two more matches tonight. Hopefully I'll survive.


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