Tuesday, January 13, 2004



It could be one of those days.

The day started out at the Dentist office. I had a piece of a tooth break off on Saturday. I was scheduled to go in to have work done on the tooth in February. Here I sit with a temporary crown on it now. I'll get to go back in two weeks for the permanent one. I guess the plus is no root canal.

I had started a post on Blogger in draft about a week ago and it appears to be gone. Oh well.

Our Exchange (5.5) Server has been unavailable all morning. Thank goodness for offline folders as I have been able to work with e-mail that I had received up until closing out at the end of the day yesterday, reading mail, queuing replies, and unlike most people in the Department being able to see my appointments is nice. Most are not setup with Offline Folders.

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