Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Notes/Domino 6.5 Released

Domino 6.5 is out!!

Monday, September 29, 2003

Ed Brill

I had read Ed Brill's Weblog on Lotus' site, but upon doing a search for something at one point found Ed Brill's Weblog. Yes they are two separate sites, but the first one is the Official Lotus one, the other isn't, check them both out.

Humor site linked to by Domino Unplugged

A link to some funny stuff (to some people) on the J-Walk Blog.

IBM Redbooks Lotus Collection April 2003

IBM Redbooks

Just noticed a link on Laurent de Walick's blog to the Collection on CD. The best part as Laurent mentions is that it is free. There are other Collections as well:

IBM Software Evaluation CDs for Web services (2003)
IBM Redbooks Lotus Collection April 2003
IBM Tivoli Redbooks Collection CD
IBM Software Evaluation Kit for Linux CD (2003)

Don't forget there are also a lot of Redbooks and Redpapers available for download in PDF format at IBM's Redbooks site.


I can not tell you how many bad experiences I have had with Lotus Representatives, although they have been plentiful, but somehow the product still survives. If IBM/Lotus could only get Microsoft to do their marketing for them, people might buy the product and then find out how good it is.

I had asked my local IBM rep when R6.5 would be released as well as what other agencies in our area were using Notes/Domino and what versions they were running. He passed it on to our Lotus Rep that is 100+ miles away. He is the one that I mentioned stated in his voicemail that R6.5 would be released on 9/22. Wrong!

He did finally follow up as stated with a list of agencies, but not which versions they are running. Listen to the voicemail, then you decide what kind of salesman he is. (The clip has also been edited to protect the innocent and guilty.)

E-mail exchange (appropriate place to use that word, huh)

Response to question received via e-mail (names changed to protect the innocent and guilty):

Lotus Rep

The following agencies are currently using Notes and Domino in some capacity;

Agency 1
Agency 2
Agency 3
Agency 4
Agency 5
Agency 6
Agency 7
Agency 8
Agency 9
Agency 10
Agency 11
Agency 12
Agency 13 Listed my agency here. Thanks, I didn't know I was using it!!
Agency 14


Thanks. Do you happen to know what versions each is on?

Lotus Rep

Sorry, I do not have that information. You would have to contact the individual agencies.


One of the questions I had originally asked was what agencies and what versions. In the voicemail he left he said that he would have to call each one to find that out. Now he says that I will need to contact the individual agencies. HELLO IBM/LOTUS, WHO IS THE CUSTOMER HERE?

He also states that most of the agencies are still on R5. Hmm, that is saying a lot for your product. One would think that he would have an interest in knowing what versions his customers are running. He fits the old car salesman stereotype.

Domino 6.5 for Linux on zSeries

IBM Redbooks

Per this weeks IBM Redbooks Weekly Newsletter I thought I might mention a Redbook that could be of interest to those looking at Linux on the s390. The Redbook that I refer to is in draft copy right now (9/25/03 @ 8:20am). It is entitled, "IBM Lotus Domino 6.5 for Linux on zSeries Implementation" (SG24-7021-00). See an abstract and table of contents here, or if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader loaded click here to view it or right-click and select Save Target As.... to download it.

The introduction appeared to have a small grammatical error that I informed them about via their online form. Read it and see if you find it as well.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

High Court Resources

Check out this article (I believe you have to be registered to view the article) on Law Technology News' site for some links to High Court Resources.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

R6 Training

As budgets are so tight we are looking at cheaper solutions for training. Going to try the IBM Authorized CBT from NetG. Click here to see the IBM Software Services for Lotus End User Education Order Form. If I remember I'll post what the Developer's think of the courseware.

R6.5 Continued. Need a part #


Just received this from a local IBM rep.

IBM United States
Software Announcement 203-253
September 23, 2003
IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 6.5 family of products, including IBM Lotus Enterprise Integrator for Domino, maximizes collaboration while lowering cost


I received a note from TLCC at 9:04pm yesterday stating that IBM formally announced Notes and Domino 6.5, but it will not be available for download until September 30th. So I guess there are announcement days and release days. ;-)

One might also be interested to know that IBM also announced a limited-time offer for Notes and Domino 6.5 customers. From October 1st, 2003 until December 31, 2003, Domino 6.5 customers with active maintenance agreements are entitled to 20 user licenses of IBM Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing (Sametime) as well as a 20 user license of IBM WebSphere Portal Express at no additional charge.

I have seen some of the past freebie licenses end up a nightmare to try to work with, but we will see.

Still no R6.5

Still waiting.

Monday, September 22, 2003


Found a site for mobile device (for me that is my Sanyo 8100) photo blogs, called moblogs. It is textamerica. It is handy as you get an e-mail that you can simply upload to. Easier than my regular photo blog (having to always get the pics off the camera and find time to upload, etc.). You can check it out here.


The 22nd is not over yet, but I have yet to see 6.5 posted.

Here is an article about 6.5 on news.com. It states that 6.5 will be available on 9/30/03. Do they know more than my Lotus Rep. Wouldn't surprise me any.

Speaking of Lotus Reps, did you catch the article in e-Pro Magazine by the Turtle, "Passports, Please!"

Friday, September 19, 2003

BMW Fans

BMW 6 Series


The new BMW 6 Series Coupé makes its international debut at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. You can also discover the many qualities of this luxury sports coupé online here.


Edition 19 is out!

Lotus/Domino 6.5 Release Date

Lotus Rep told me Friday that the official release date of 6.5 will be September 22, 2003. Keep your fingers crossed.

Russian to English

Looking for a site to translate Russian to English. Google couldn't help me, but Systran did.


Got an e-mail from Ed Lavent . Interesting yet odd. As I do rather enjoy automobiles and thought at one point about trying to setup a site where I might put test drive impressions, etc.., which would be an online magazine (if you will). I never pursued it and doubt that I would have gotten anyone to go out of their way to let me test drive their cars for reviewing. Anyway, it appears the site is simply an online site about automobiles. Yeah!

The odd part is that I was pointed to the site per an e-mail that I received in my blog mail. Basically stating link to us and you can go to our site and link to yourself. I don't see Ed mentioned on the site and the e-mail appeared to originate per a free e-mail account in the Ukraine (@ukr.net). After looking a bit further it looks like autonewsonline address is registered in Russia as well, yet the site lists the Headquarters in Carmel, Indiana. Looks like an interestng site to visit anyway. So check out autonewsonline and let me know what you think.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Phone Applications

I have not looked for games for my phone, but it looks as though they have some neat ones out there if that interest you. I have not looked for free applications as I did for ringers and screen savers, but can tell you about a couple of cool applications. The sad part is they are rentals as well. The first one I received a free 30 day trial and the second one I purchased (rented). One can easily be impressed when first looking at them when you consider you are simply using a wireless phone. The first one is 1KTV ($4.95/30 days). I would give it a slight edge over the second application that has similar content and functionality as it has updated baseball scores every 5 minutes (I have found that even though that is what they state, it is not always the case though). Both application supply video (okay so they are slide shows with audio) that can easily get the attention of others. The second application is RealOne ($4.95/30 days). As mentioned the two have similar features and content, so I am not sure that it would be worth having both at the same time unless you spend a lot of time stuck in airports, etc.. I would like to see some of the main content updated more often. This may be addressed per the competition and the fact that the services will likely grow as the demand grows.

Sanyo 8100

It has been a bit since I have posted anything. I like my Sanyo 8100 phone, but still say the batttery life leaves something to be desired if one does some heavy duty surfing.

Ringers, Screen Savers. I did not get into these much at all as Sprint wants to rent them to you and nickel and dime you to death as they do. I must say that with a little research I have found that there are alternatives. These may not be as attractive if you don't have an unlimited Vision plan (in other words if you are on a plan paying for each 1K downloaded). Did I mention that they are FREE! I believe they both may have a pay option, but that is a choice for storage space, etc... The free part works fine for me. I played around a bit this weekend. I like the myphonefiles site the best of the two. I like the preview options, etc.. better. You can download the files right from the browser on your phone. Pretty cool. I know that there is an option to have them sent to your phone as well, but I simply prefer downloading them. You can setup the free account by putting in your e-mail address and creating a password. Simple.

The second site is 3gwiz. Happy ringing!