Wednesday, November 19, 2003

To Late!

There use to be a lot of teams working on projects. Not necessarily IT specific. Some teams looked at streamlining forms, etc.. The team concept had a lot to do with the ideas of the Administration at that time. I stated several times that it would be nice to know what teams there were and what they were working on. One might have good information to share or be willing to participate, but when no one knows that it is being discussed how can they. Today I noticed a link on our Intranet. It has one of the little "NEW" bubbles. The teams and their projects are now listed on the Intranet.


I should be happy right. Well, now my reaction is why even have it taking up space on the Intranet server. Why such a change of heart you ask. The main reason is the information is worthless. The unit that was responsible for coordinating and tracking all of the teams and their progress is no longer as of this past Monday. The information is for the 52 teams that worked on projects in 2000 and 2001 (3 were actually in 2002). The information is brief, outdated, and pretty much useless. Several have no summaries. Most have summaries stating we are unable to implement at this time do to budgetary constraints. The team concept for such projects has basically died out. Another example of to little, to late.

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