Monday, November 17, 2003

Survey Results

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I had 4 (5 counting my own responses) of 13 agencies respond with figures to my informal survey on Notes/Domino usage. As stated in my survey my main interest was simply to know what versions of Notes/Domino the other agencies were running. There were two additional responses stating that they believed my questions were redundant to questions asked by a recent survey conducted by a committee that had been formed to look at e-mail standards. One of those was addressed to me and the other I received via the person that headed the e-mail committee. I spoke with the head of the e-mail committee and he stated that the committee did not have the version information so he did not know where the redundancy came in. If it is redundant and you already have it, then would it be so hard to send. Oh well. You have to remember we are talking about Government.

Of those that responded, those that are not running in a shared environment (shared by more than one agency), not unexpectedly, are running on an Intel platform.

Windows (ranging from Windows NT Server to Windows 2003 Server) was the most common OS. The two agencies in the shared environment are on the z/OS platform, one of those having a development server on NT. One proved to have a pretty good mixture - 3 servers running NT, 2 servers running Linux, and 4 servers running AIX.

The versions of Domino and Notes being run range from 4.6.3 to 6.0.1. The predominant version amongst the agencies being 5.0.8, although number of servers and clients deployed the majority would actually be on 5.07a. Of those that responded, all are utilizing Domino for internal applications, 4 of 5 are utilizing it for e-mail, 2 have Internet applications running on Domino and a 3rd one plans to.

In regards to additional applications being run in the Domino/Notes environment all but 1 of the 5 are running TeamStudio's products. Only 2 agencies are running anything additional - 1 running Sametime, and 1 running Quickplace.

What kind of numbers are we talking. Approximately 7,700 clients spread across approximately 200 servers. A single agency accounting for about 65% of that.

All responding that they plan to upgrade, a couple stating 6.5, a couple 6.0x, and one unsure. None having definite dates, but mid to late 2004 stated by a couple.

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