Friday, November 14, 2003

Still frustrated

IBM Logo

I followed up with the IBM rep via e-mail regarding the issue noted in an earlier post. He had stated that he was going to get with a Domino on Z specialist and get back with me. The answer I received to my follow up was yes he did get with a specialist. He went on to say that IBM did talk to the Data Center about moving to ZLinux, but that he did not get the feeling that they really wanted to pursue running on Linux. Hello, don't go with feelings, simply flat out ask them. So IBM is working on a special bid for the product on z/OS. Of course, he went on to say to contact him if I needed more information. Yeah, right.

I had also asked per our licensing if our agency was licensed to run Domino for zLinux on the mainframe and he responded saying that the Data Center was not licensed to run it. Okay, but what about answering my question! I'll follow up on that one too.

I do want to say that the people involved do seem to be nice people and I don't have any ill feelings towards the people themselves. I think they truly believe that they are being helpful I think part of the problem (my assessment or feeling ;-) has to do with the environment that they are in.

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