Friday, November 07, 2003


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I would have to agree with some of Neal Whitten's comments in his Webinar, "The #1 Reason Why Project Manager’s Fail: Too Soft!" If you are a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Information Systems Specific Interest Group (ISSIG) you can view it free, otherwise it cost $25.

Kind of steep for a webinar if you consider that adding the special interest group (SIG) to an Individual PMI membership ($129 for new member - 1 year) is only $20, which would include all of the webinars (I think around 8 this year).

Of course, the somewhat ironic part of it is that you can download the slides in PDF format. I have to admit it is a much better presentation if you can hear Neal as well, but you can get the idea of what he is saying from the slides.

I would say that a lot of organizations preach Project Management, but don't really enforce (for lack of a better word) it. I agree with Neal that one can probably do better if they to look at things as if it were a company that they owned. One would probably put more effort into it if this were the case and be more willing to take control. As he kind of puts it , until you are told that you don't have authority to do something, then proceed as if you do (now I would put a disclaimer or something here that if you do that in some organizations you may find your way out the door). I would say most people have an idea if they can proceed in such a manner. Anyway you might take a look.

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