Monday, November 17, 2003

Look at your Portal Lotus!

When putting some links in my previous post, I went to the Lotus website. Unfortunatley I must say that I was disappointed. I didn't like splitting the naming of the clients (Notes) and server (Domino) to begin with. It only confused the issue of IBM/Lotus products. To go to the Lotus homepage and find that the only reference to either Notes or Domino on the whole page is to a Lotus Workplace & Domino whitepaper was sad.

If one clicks on the Products and services link at the top of the page, does Domino or Notes show in the list anywhere on that page either? Nope, better keep looking. One unfamiliar (and some that are even familiar) could possibly pick a number of the items listed under Software thinking Domino may show in the results.

Now if one were to follow down to the bottom of the main page to the area that says "All Lotus products and services", selecting "products" here will get you to a page that simply has a listing for Lotus Domino, of course there are several Lotus Domino listings with suffixes (Web Access, WebMail, Express, etc..) as well, making it easy. NOT! How about an easily visible Domino/Notes link on the main page that takes you to a page devoted to the products. Definitley include a schematic and explanation of how all of the Domino branded products and Notes relate to one another. Simply a request from someone still using the products.

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