Monday, November 10, 2003

Frustrated! - Gripes!! - What's the story?

(I couldn't decide which title to go with, so I just put them all.)

Still not getting the whole story. Per a response I received on a survey sent to other agencies, it appears that another agency using the shared data center for Domino isn't pleased either.

In regards to my question "What is your server Operating System (zOS, Windows 2000, Linux, etc..)?" the response actually came direct from the agencies CIO himself, stating that they were on zOS (utilizing the shared Data Center) - but he believed that this has become a point of dispute between the Data Center, IBM, and his agency; IBM wanting to raise the price of Notes on zOS and push the Data Center to Linux over zOS; the Data Center is supposedly resisting- citing "nervousness", "unfamiliarity", "cost concerns" & other excuses; and his agency possibly caught in the middle having to start up their own servers or OUTSOURCE their Lotus Notes/Domino.

Hmm, seems like I have heard it before. Can't we all just get along?

It appears that both IBM and the Data Center have forgotten the customer.

I keep getting messages with statements such as, "We will pass along more information as we get it.", "I will get back to you on that.", "I can keep you posted on our progress.", and so on from both parties. I don't get anything from anyone unless I start making calls and e-mailing everyone all over again.

Does anyone understand or know Lotus Licensing? Lotus and IBM reps don't appear to. It is like there is a guy locked in a room somewhere that comes up with an answer to a question only when an e-mail gets far enough up the Lotus/IBM chain that someone actually gets it forwarded to this guy. He then looks over at the pile of documented contracts AND THEN AND ONLY THEN, picks up the Magic 8 ball and checks to see how to answer this time. It does appear that the reply does often follow the consistency of answers from the Magic 8 ball. Go ahead ask the same question to two different IBM or Lotus reps, especially one that they can't answer off the top of there head. See what your results are. Come on IBM, if this is the service I get, can't you simply assign Magic 8 balls to all reps?

Domino for S/390 was available for Download via the Passport Advantage Agreement (Enterprise Option) at one point in time. Lotus/IBM thought that it would be smart to break it out and align it with all the other S/390 products. In doing so it went away from our Passport agreement. Not a problem, we ran on the shared environment that had the licensing in place.

I notice the other day, I still cannot download code for S/390, fine, I really don't expect to, but I notice that there is a listing now of "Linux zSeries Enterpr SVRs Mainfram". I try and can download it just fine. Sounds like what everyone has been talking about in regards to replacing what the Data Center is running on zOS, so I ask about it. Does that mean that I am already covered with my current licensing? I ask the Lotus/IBMers and the response on 10/28/03 is, "I'll have to get with my Domino on Z specialist and see what that product does." Nothing further!

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